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The circuit ensures that the temperature of the water in the jacket remains equal to that in the calorimeter vessel. This system provides improved control of the chamber temperature. Hydrogen formed by fermentation in the gut or rumen may be included in the calculation in the same way as methane. There are considerable variations between the values of these factors for different amino-acids; also some of the nitrogen is converted into other compounds such as uric acid and creatinine. The animal chamber was connected through a three-way stopcock to the top of a graduated burette; another limb of the stopcock was connected to an oxygen reservoir.

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The syringe was recharged with water ready to bring about a displacement of oxygen from the reservoir Fig.

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Animal and Human Calorimetry

Agreement between direct and indirect calorimetry 7. When the water level was the same in the burette and levelling bulb, the reading in the burette was noted and a stopwatch or clock started. This approach to the subject has been described in many textbooks on energy metabolism and nutrition e. Valves A and B are 45 cm square and seat into oil wells 7. This is analogous to the Haldane transformation made in open-circuit calorimetry equation 4. Combined use of the two systems makes it possible to analyse all heat balance parameters simultaneously over 24 h long periods whilst the subject remains free from the restraints and confinement of a calorimetric chamber. Safety aspects Calibrations and standards Standardisation of basic measurements Calibration of gas analysers 7.

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